LOST | Season 5 Premiere

So last night was our LOST party and as expected, we had a great time being a bunch of nerds together. The polar bear was a big hit and got a lot of love throughout the night by our guests, there was a special appearance by the infamous snuggie and everyone enjoyed their Dharma beverages. Unfortunately, the weather was uncharacteristically freezing so the ringlight photoshoot was a no-go. I did manage to brave the cold long enough at the end of the night to get a few good Dharma propaganda shots!


credit el sanchez

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LOSTies Rejoice!

Taken @ the end of last year’s LOST party.

After what seems like years (but in actuality was only 8 months), LOST will finally be back with its 5th season. I am extremely proud to have been a Lostie from even before day one. I am one of the few that can boast that I saw the series premiere of LOST several months before it aired to the public at San Diego’s Comic Con International. And not only that, but I got to watch it along with several members of the cast & be present during a Q & A panel. Super cool, right? Right.

I have been hooked ever since. Sure, the show has had its share of low points, but I have always been a steady fan. I really believe that no other show out there right now can bring the same intelligence and creativity that LOST does. It is a rare breed.

So it’s no surprise that for the past 3 years or so we have hosted LOST viewing parties for both the season premieres and finales. Tonight is no different! We are actually hosting our largest LOST party to date with (I believe) 13 guests! The party planner in me cannot just lay out the chips and dip and provide the couch and TV…I go all out in true Melificent fashion. I bought
a stuffed polar bear and have clothed all our drinks with appropriate Dharma labels. Plus, we’ll be having a LOST themed ringlight photo shoot to boot!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full update with my thoughts on the opener as well as party details, but for now enjoy this fun time lapse video of me putting together all the labels while watching last night’s awesome episode of Fringe (best is at 2:34 when I become caught up in the show & do my classic OMGZ!!!! face). Yes, this totally made me realize that J.J. Abrams owns me. I am aware.

LOST party prep from Melissa Sanchez on Vimeo.